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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Highway tio hell BL Score/Soundtrack(1991)

Here is a Bootleg score/Soundtrack i made for the movie highway to hell.this movie is out of print and a very awesome movieyou have a girl (Who is a Virgin) kidnapped by hell cop(Played by C.J. Graham (the same guy behind the mask of Friday the 13th 6 Jason Lives)her Boyfriend(A pizza boy)and don't forget the Cameos by gilbert godfried(As hitler),Ben stiller and his dad, lita ford and the dude from the movie the stand who was the singer this has 28 tracks of dialogue/score music and songs in the movie enjoy

Take the Highway

Basket Case 2 and 3 (1990/1991)

here i have a main title theme and end title them montage i created for basket case 2
and the end title song from basket case 3 personality preformed by granny ruth(annie ross) and the razenettes